Ordering & delivery schedule

More delivery days and later cut off times. 

In an effort to keep improving and to meet the demands (yes demands) of our hospo stockists (you guys), we've added more delivery days and extend the order cut off time.

Remember, you can order any of our products on this schedule! They'll all come together. One delivery, one invoice, one order.

Ordering and delivery schedule:

🚚 Delivery on Monday- Order by 11:32 am Sunday.
🚚 Delivery on Wednesday - Order by 11:32 am Tuesday.
🚚 Delivery on Friday - Order by 11:32 am Thursday. 
🚚 Delivery on Saturday - Order by 11:32 am Friday.

This way you'll get a delivery day straight after the weekend and then the remaining days are spread equally throughout the week. Oh, and you still get your Saturday delivery too! 

Let us know if you if you have any questions or feedback.

We should add this only affects our stockists in our main delivery zones. If you are a stockist who currently gets our weekly Friday drop... you'll now be receiving these on Thursdays. 😁