Spoiled Juice Refund Policy.

Fresh juice can spoil if not kept below 5 degrees celsius. Yep, sad face. 😔

This is because it contains natural bacteria that multiply quickly when not refrigerated. Spoiled juice may be unsafe to drink and may make a "fizzing" sound when opened.

Refrigeration helps to slow down the growth of bacteria and preserve the freshness and quality of the juice.

Even leaving the bottle outside of a fridge for 10 minutes can shorten the shelf life! Yes, fresh juice is demanding. It’s beautiful, but expensive!

At Squished Juice, our fresh cold-pressed juices are lab-tested at a 7-10 day shelf life, depending on the flavour. However, we assign a flavour-wide 7-day shelf life to all juices to err on the side of caution and to allow for general handling time.

Handling raw unpasteurised juice has some food safety risks and this means we are under strict regulations and must follow food safety protocols. We’ve spent the last decade investing in equipment and building reliable procedures to ensure that our juices are made safely and to a very high standard, minimising potential degredation prior to the best before date.

However, we understand that fresh produce can still be unpredictable, and you may still have juice that goes off in rare instances. We don’t add any preservatives or stabilisers… it’s just fresh fruit and veg, squished.


What happens if a juice goes off before the best before date?

We have to follow our food recall procedure and quickly determine if the issue is specific to the stockist or the entire batch of juice affecting other customers. Spoiled juice can potentially be unsafe to drink, so our recall process needs to assess the risk first.

  1. Please notify us by sending a clear photo within 24 hours that shows the best before date, the batch code, and which flavour(s). The batch code is the letter above the best before date. This tells us exactly which pressing batch this particular juice came from, which we need for our investigation.
  2. We will then check our in-house test samples from that exact batch to assess the quality and rule out a batch-wide issue. If our samples are fine, then it increases the likelihood it’s not a batch-wide issue.
  3. We will then contact other customers who received the same batch and check if they have had quality issues.
  4. If our in-house test samples are fine and no other customers are affected, we can deduce the issue was caused by something specific at your venue. Usually prolonged heat exposure, and we cannot obviously provide a refund in that situation.
  5. If the issue is batch-wide, meaning our test samples show signs of degradation and / or other customers with the same batch code are affected, then we will issue a full refund ASAP and continue our recall procedure.

Juice being left out after delivery.

One of the main causes of premature juice spoilage is the amount of time the juice sits outside of a fridge or cool room after delivery. This is when the juice is most susceptible to remaining outside of a fridge for a prolonged period of time, particularly if the venue staff are busy. It's hospo afterall! 

This is why our drivers are trained to follow policy and to always deliver the juice to a cool room or suitable fridge (does not include stacking shelves) unless requested not to by venue staff. We will always do our best to offer to help put the juice away to ensure it goes straight into cool temperatures as soon as possible.

If you or your staff have asked our drivers to leave the juice outside of a cool room or fridge, sadly the juice is not eligible for a refund if it goes bad before the best before date.

Our drivers will record these instances. 📝

To avoid this, please allow our staff to put the juice into a cool room or fridge for you!