Doh Doh Cookie Sample Box

Doh Doh Cookie Sample Box

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A sample box like no other.

Our lumpy, bumpy, chunky, funky handmade cookies are crowd stoppers. 

We make these ourselves, in house. 

You'll receive 1 x:

Flavour Name


What is it

Dwayne ‘the choc’ Johnson

Just a proper rock choc chip cookie.

Choc chip 

Lemon La Vida Loca

Zesty  lemon with flutters of coconut.

Lemon & coconut

Unicorn Poo

Rainbow sprinkles with scattered creamy white chocolate clouds. 

Sprinkles & white choc

Cream Me Up Scotty

Crushed oreos with an oozing buttercream bomb.

Oreos and buttercream. “Cookies and cream”. 

I Biscoffin This

Biscoff, with biscoff, containing biscoff. 

Just biscoff.

Under My Nutella Ella Ella

Actual nutella smooshed with white choc drops.

Nutella & white choc. Tastes like ferrero or kinder bueno. Or like a cookie with nutella in it.