Lavender Chamomile Sparkling Probiotic Water - 330ml (12 Pack)

Lavender Chamomile Sparkling Probiotic Water - 330ml (12 Pack)

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Lavender Chamomile
Calming citric flavours partner with refreshing pallet-cleansing chamomile. This aromatic and almost cinnamon-like ferment displays a rich violet colour which transforms with the addition of fresh lemon juice. We recommend presenting this mixological magic to friends, to revel in the metamorphic colour change.

Naturally Cultured Sparkling Probiotic Water aka Water kefirĀ (ke-feer)Ā is a sparklingĀ probiotic beverage.Ā A non-dairyĀ source of probiotic strains of lactobacilli, water kefir is anĀ alternative to yoghurt kefir.Ā Naturally fermented using a symbioticĀ culture of bacteria and yeasts, waterĀ kefirĀ has a vanilla, creaming-sodaĀ like flavour with fewer than 45 calories perĀ serve.Ā ā€‹

As with all Kommunity Brew beverages, this natural ferment arrives with uncompromisable qualities:

  • ZERO Stevia, Erythritol or bloating sugar-alcohols

  • ZERO Preservatives or additives

  • Full strength kefir culture, NOT watered down or ā€˜acidifiedā€™

  • 100% naturally fermented, without compromise

  • 100% Australian sourced packaging (glass, labels and boxes)

  • Portion of net profits donated to Trillion Trees Australia ( to plant trees in West Australia to restore the Wheatbelt.