A1 Hot Sauce (4 Flavours) - Sample Pack

A1 Hot Sauce (4 Flavours) - Sample Pack

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Locally made, mouth watering hot sauces to rival the best of them!

Andy Moores, chief chef and mastermind behind A1 Hot Sauce has created a unique range of sauces designed to cater for the mild mouthed to the extreme chilli lovers. 

These versatile sauces are perfect for chefs to use in recipes, to serve as exciting dips or for venues to sell retail to customers!

Here's the info you need to know:

Awesome margins for both retail bottles and chef size options...  

 🍉 Flavours & size

All flavours are available in 200ml retail bottle, 1.2L squeeze bottle, 5L & 10L buckets.

Jalapeno Haze - 4/10 Heat
Smoked Sriracha - 5/10 Heat
Habanero Honey - 7/10 Heat
BBQ Reaper - 8/10 Heat

⏱ Shelf life

12 Months shelf life - Dry store (refrigerate once opened)  

🗓 Launch date

Samples - Available to order now. 

Ongoing stock - The full range will be available to order from Monday 20th and onwards.

🏷 Price Info

200ml retail bottle: $9.95 - RRP $14.95

1.2L bottle - $49.95 (83c per serve)
5L bucket - $174.95 (69c per serve)
10L bucket - $269.95 (54c per serve)

Serving size suggestion - approx 20ml

🎨 Brand name

"A1 Hot Sauce"

📦 Packaging size

All bottles/buckets can be ordered in single units.