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Dear Squished Juicingtons! 

Ash and Carlo here ūüėė
Love you. 

Now, lets get into this!

This is what we'll be covering: 

  • OJ (Valencia) price¬†
  • Apple news (which we think is 'apple-ling')
  • 1000ml credits

We are going to have to nudge up our OJ (Valencia) price¬†temporarily. We expect by about $0.75c - $1 for litre bottles and 250mls $0.25 - $0.30¬†ūü§®
We expect this to happen as of Monday next week!

Allow us to beat around the orange bush, and explain:

As our long term stockists will know, we've not had a price rise for 6 years, since we started in a garage in Quinn's Rocks. 

You will know already that dealing with fresh produce isn't a walk in King's Park!  Constant fluctuations in price caused by supply, labour shortages, bush fires etc. 99% of the time we can wear the ebbs and flows. 
In short, the price of local oranges are increasing rapidly due to a growing shortage of juicing fruit. 

Citrus Australia CEO Nathan Hancock said that low-retail prices did not allow juicing companies to pay growers a fair amount.

"The juice growing industry is under immense pressure and Australian consumers may not have access to fresh Australian orange juice in as little as five years," he said.

"We hold grave concerns that pressure placed by major retailers on processors of juice fruit is driving returns down and growers out of the industry."

See full article here

If you are into apples news, see this article. WA apple growers are pulling out their orchards due to major labour shortages. It seems the closed borders have prevented the required amount of fruit workers from overseas / interstate from picking. There's not enough labour to maintain apple orchids, so growers are pulling them out, and replanting avocados, due to their self-sufficiency. 

We thought it would be good to just outline some reasoning here. 

We've spoken to our the other local cold pressed juice companies too, and it seems like we all must bite the bullet for now. 

Overall the cost of all local fresh produce has trended upwards over the last 2-4 years so to help price in the next year so to mitigate that, our 1000ml credit¬†will be $0.75c from December 1st. You do not need to wash our bottles or keep the lids. Our driver will collect as normal, record and credits will be refunded end of each month. ūüėä

We know it's normal for prices to increase slowly over time with inflation, but it's never nice having to act upon it. 

We hope all this makes sense. Please call Ash on 0481127980 if you have any questions, worries, jokes, ideas, thoughts... whatever. We're here! 

Thank you for the love and always supporting us.

ūüė謆Carlo and Ash